Sunday, January 30, 2011


Today there are careers which never existed 20-25 years ago; the wealth of many nations is increasing not at the cost of some other nations. People are more considerate, kind, open hearted and charitable. There is openness, more democracy and accountability than any of the previous eras.

There are reasons to be happy in general, we all have more and better options for our problems and I truly feel that humanity is at its optimum level.

But beware and look at the history it always used to get better before it gets worse.

Will global warming, food security, population explosion, political instability, terrorism and energy crunch have the life altering effects as some doomsayers have been predicting?

Shall we just roll our eyes and say have fun while it lasts or use our imaginative problem solving skills to circumvent above mentioned but avoidable predictions?

It’s better to be prepared for a complete wipe out!

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