Sunday, June 26, 2011


Doing things which seem impossible are one of the hallmarks of humans for defying nature. We love challenges and have an inborn appreciation for achieving something which is visibly impossible.

People do death defying acts, Climb Great Mountain to prove their superiority over these magnificent natural features, go deeper to challenge the seas, and perform acts which seem physically and visually impossible to endure.

However, we rarely climb our internal mountains or even try to fathom deep fears inside our minds, we don’t challenge our established internal boundaries or we don’t train for and run high endurance internal ultra marathons.

We know very well how to strengthen our bodies but not our souls; you can get a great coach to train you for ultra adventure games or journeys but not a trainer to teach you how to navigate your internal Grand Canyons. I don’t see any Google Advertisement for these low sought but rare to find mentors…do you?

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