Sunday, July 17, 2011


There are two possibilities if you don’t have the “Fear of The Unknown”. Either you will be dead soon or you will be very happy and successful in whatever period you have lived.

Have a look at the history- Mongols, Dzungars, Turks, Arabs and Central Asians were  all very happy and successful, and  Alexander the Great lived like a Nomad even Cyrus the Great whose empire in 550 BC was far greater than the British Empire, lived like a Nomad throughout his life. Why so? The answer is very simple but very uncomfortable to practice: Being alert, and how one can be alert or avoid things when one leaves his guards. Here is the list:

1.       Avoid or reduce Passive Activities: Excessive TV or Media Tracking.

2.       Routine: Anything done regularly such as following same route every day, cooking same food, reading same type of books.

3.       At Work: Change your function, style, methodology or sequencing.

4.       Experimentation:  Try to do the opposite, or at least read “Whatever you think, Think the Opposite” by Paul Arden.

5.       Procrastinate:  This is a very dirty word among the Management Type people, but when you are faced with challenges or negative emotions which prompt you to act, do not hesitate to procrastinate.

6.   Gather  things which you are comfortable to loose or movable enough to accompany you wherever you go.

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