Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Chipped Addiction

Sarah was born digital unlike her parents who were digital immigrants.

It wasn’t until she started Middle School that she discovered what the digital divide meant. Her digital opulence was of a very high status. Both of her parents had something invisibly embedded in their frontal lobe to overcome the predicted dementia ailment. Her father was under treatment and had his whole memory scanned and stored in a safe vault. This memory would be the part of her large inheritance.

She had also heard about a cult group which still lived in dark ages of the pre 1985 era where a small minority were trying to live without the assistance of any modern technological help, an idea which sent shivers down her bone marrow but was an equally fascinating and brave way of life.

She could not resist buying a book titled “A Step by Step Guide to Digital Hara-kiri” when her book reader suggested it on the basis of her recent search history. It would take a very slow and definite process to commit this crime but she still had many dark and difficult questions whose imagination itself was very disturbing. It would take 3 Years to be free from this constant virtuality where 0s and 1s had taken rein on all her emotions and feelings; and how she would feel her pure senses without being moderated by a DSM, a device known as Digital Sensory Modulators to regulate the senses while delivering IMs (Instant Messages) was beyond her comprehension. There were many such questions, and so much to lose, yet a maverick in her was constantly reminding her to do it.

After 3 years, she was free. She had to unlearn many things in order to learn a few. Things were difficult for her but the bargain was of worth when for the first time in her life, she was able to feel the ground beneath her feet.

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