Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mind Hacking


Guru Nanak met with Baba Farid (Farid the 2nd/ Sheikh Ibrāhīm,) twice in his life time. During the first visit, a disciple of Baba Farid found both Nanak and Fareed in a deep meditative state, praying. However, he observed that beads of Fareed's rosary were moving outside the palm while beads of Nanak’s rosary were moving inward. After the Prayers the disciple asked for this discrepancy and Guru Nanak answered that with each bead going inwards I tried to get a good thought inside me while Baba Farid was trying to remove every thought with the movement of his beads outwardly.

Mind hacking by removing thoughts one by one is the most effective but the most difficult process. We always try to get as many good things as we can to dilute the effect of bad ones.

Successful people, products, and successful policies or anything which create a sense of worth sometimes get so attached that it stifles the process responsible for it.

In our desire for our Means we should not forget the End; and ironically, we often forget the very Processes responsible for the End.

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