Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Woodwork and Decoupage

It was about two years ago when we discovered what decoupage is and then we ( I, my wife and our 9 years old daughter) started making small articles like trays, tea coasters, pen holders, picture frames , table and wall clocks etc. Initially we use to buy wooden article and do decoupage on it. We found it too costly to buy these wooden/ MDF item in the market, so I started experimenting and woodworking. Bingo! it was successful and now we are totally devoted to this fascinating art of woodworking and decoupage.

I am attaching photos of few item which we made and sold. I do this work in my garage and backyard using hand tools and small power tools.

This hobby could be source of income and total investment required for it is between $300 to $ 700. Once you start selling these items one can make a little profit and add on extra tools and other features which may need little extra investment.

You can view these articles on www.picasaweb.google.com/sanwarriors

I have posted about 50 pictures in two albums. The great thing about this art is that one can do lot of innovation and design to suit the locat craft and cultural tastes. We are presently living in Botswana therefore most of these designs are based on local themes.

In coming weeks I intend to blog series of modules to show
materials needed and how to do decoupage . I hope you will enjoy these lessons.

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