Monday, November 14, 2011

Everyday is a New Beginning

A new day brings many possibilities. However, when starting a new day we all relate it and refer to it as an extension of the previous day and sometimes a previous incidence or occurrence. Like a book we open every new day from the previously read page or paragraph, in turn, days of our lives become a long story, woven around and taken from interrelated incidences.
Instead of having this long interrelated story, can we manage our life as a book of short stories, independent, and not based on previous episodes?
Is it worthwhile to start everyday of your life as an extension of yesterday or a previous occurrence?
If we consider a new day with new possibilities, new opportunities and new ideas with no substantial (remember that some effects of the previous day will always be there) influence of yesterday or past incidences we will definitely be able to live more creatively and happily. Atleast we can drop the story of yesterday and carry only the moral of yesterday's story for the purpose of improvement.  

The problem is that we are conditioned to accept today as a part and parcel of yesterday. We should try to overcome this script. It is not possible to segregate or compartmentalize every new day as a new story of our life, but we sure can try to isolate negativity from yesterday to minimize its influence on our today. 

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