Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hero versus Villain

Every story in this world has the same plot; a hero who encounters many adversaries and many challenges, comes over all the difficulties, wins, and lives happily ever after or dies saving many.

There are very few stories based on losers, who run away from fear, hide in comfort and at times kill many or provoke some to kill numerous people in order to survive.

People follow and worship such Heroes and despise those Losers. Heroes are in the minority. A common man who is neither a full hero nor a full loser is in the majority. Similarly, these losers are also in the minority.

It is not difficult to defend a hero but always (almost impossible) to be the devil’s advocate. In every story, a hero owes his heroism to a loser, a villain, or Satan without whom there are no stories, real or fictitious.

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